Czech vintage aircraft

We offer you a flying display of the vintage airplanes manufactured in the Czechoslovakia right after the war. Both types are part of heritage of Bucker factory, both were manufactured in 1947 and both became the fundamental training type for post war Czechoslovak flying clubs.

Yellow Bucker 131 Jungmann was manufactured under type designation AERO Z131, in military code C-104. It was originally registered as OK-BII, at 50th exported to Switzerland as HB-USY. After Swiss period the plane was sold to Germany and registered as D-EOCS. The aircraft was owned for many decades by senator Roeder. We bought this plane after his death and later the plane passed ground up restoration in 2013.

Green Bucker 181 was manufacture as ZLIN Z381 (military code C-106). Its first registration was OK-ZFZ, later operated in Germany as D-EHUB, afterwards sold to USA as N94245. We imported the plane back in 2013 and restored to factory specification, including installation of appropriate original engine and propeller.

Both planes are available for an airshow appearance.

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